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Transform your data into insightful decisions with DotChat.

Your AI chat assistant for instant e-commerce data analysis.

What is the total revenue of my Shopify store this month?

What is the conversion rate of our latest Google Ads campaign?

How many products do we have in stock currently?

What is the sales growth compared to last month?

How many products have we sold today so far?

Ask any question about your data and receive immediate, accurate answers.

DotChat provides you with the power of real-time data analysis

Whether it's measuring the effectiveness of a marketing campaign or understanding your customers' purchasing trends, DotChat provides you with instant insights to make informed decisions without delay.

Intuitive simplicity

Our user-friendly interface allows you to navigate easily and ask questions in natural language.

Whether you're a data expert or a novice, DotChat simplifies your analytics experience, making data access as easy as sending a message.

" How much time is there between the first visit and the first purchase? "
"What is the average number of visits before a customer makes a purchase?"
"How does customer engagement vary with different marketing campaigns?"
"How does customer engagement vary with different marketing campaigns?"
"How do seasonal trends affect the time between first visit and purchase?"

All your data, from A to Z.

Seamless integration across your entire funnel.

DotChat seamlessly integrates with your Shopify store and Google Ads tools to make the most out of your data. This smooth integration ensures that all critical information is easily accessible and analyzable. Maximize the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns and optimize your sales strategies by leveraging consistently and comprehensively collected data.

Be among the first to explore the possibilities of DotChat.

Join our beta program and help us refine the most intuitive data analysis experience for Shopify. Your feedback will be crucial in shaping a solution that truly meets the needs of e-commerce merchants.

DotChat is more than just a data analysis platform for your Shopify store. We're your partner in the success of your online business. With DotChat, you get instant and precise analysis of your data, empowering you to make informed decisions to drive sales and optimize advertising campaigns. Our seamless integration with Shopify and Google Ads ensures that all crucial information is easily accessible and actionable, allowing you to maximize operational efficiency. Moreover, our intuitive user interface makes data analysis accessible to everyone, from novices to analytics experts, enabling you to stay focused on what truly matters: growing your business. Join our beta program today and discover how DotChat can help you reach new heights in the world of e-commerce.