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About DotChat's Founders

About us

The rise of artificial intelligence in e-commerce is undeniable.

In an environment where data is plentiful and speed of processing is crucial, businesses need effective tools to extract relevant information and make informed decisions.

That's where DotChat comes in.

DotChat is positioned as an innovative solution that harnesses the full potential of artificial intelligence to help e-tailers make the most of their data.

In an ever-changing retail landscape, DotChat simplifies data analysis by providing an intuitive conversational platform, enabling businesses to turn raw data into strategic action.

At the heart of this revolution is Thierry Carbou, a technological visionary whose career and expertise have shaped DotChat. With a career marked by his work at a leading European telecommunications company, where he acquired in-depth knowledge of networks and communications technologies, Thierry Carbou has been able to identify the critical needs of e-retailers and respond to them in innovative ways.

DotChat is much more than just a data analysis platform. It's the result of Thierry Carbou's commitment to turning challenges into opportunities, putting the power of artificial intelligence in the hands of small businesses and enabling them to compete in a market dominated by e-commerce giants.

With DotChat, Thierry Carbou is breaking new ground for Shopify shops and e-retailers in general, offering a revolutionary analytical approach that enables them to make more informed decisions, maximise their marketing efficiency and drive growth.